We are a non-profit dedicated to educating
& preventing airway disease


We need your support to educate & heal airway disease.

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Children are our future - we heal children.

The Foundation for Airway Health is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to help educate parents, educators, and practitioners and to cure children and adults of airway disease.  This enables our patients to more easily live productive and much happier lives free from disease. Our volunteer work provides information about this disease to the public, advocate for patients, and provide support and medical services to all.

A team of dedicated healthcare professionals comprised of both dental and medical professionals work together to help patients on a voluntary basis as members of the Medical Advisory Board. Working as a team, we guide both diagnosis and treatment processes for the benefit of the patient to live happier healthier lives.

Members of the Board of Directors work tirelessly with the Executive Director to ensure the organization is run as efficiently and effectively as possible to have greatest impact on the largest number of affected individuals.

Supporters of the Foundation for Airway Disease include parents, teachers, schools, doctors, surgeons, pharmaceutical corporations, medical device companies, law firms, investment banks, hedge funds, venture capital firms, hospital and healthcare systems and generous individuals who give of themselves to help others.

What is Airway Health?

How we breathe, the effort we expend, the structure and function of our airway determine health, performance and quality of life. Airway health includes sleep problems and much more. Often undiagnosed and not looked for it can be the underlying piece in chronic health problems (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pain, alzheimers), poor performance (ADDH, depression, anxiety) and poor quality of life (fatigue, obesity, behavior). The awareness of the multiple expressions of poor airway health offers can offer solutions to many of the widespread health problems afflicting our society today.

How Your Support Helps

  • Develop and provide educational materials to parents teachers
  • Create web based learning modules for public and practitioners
  • Encourage the development of interdisciplinary centers for research and access for all

Raising Awareness

The public is generally unaware of the hidden and far-reaching affects of airway issues, therefore public advocacy is the core mission of the Foundation. Our goal is to create an awareness of the critical issues of poor airway health prioritization. We support a public sharing platform of success stories and treatment paths through social and online media. Patient information and literature will become available to practitioners who support the airway health prioritization message.

Providing Education and Training

The Foundation will provide educational opportunities for healthcare practitioners of different modalities to learn and train together. Increased awareness of the far-reaching consequences of airway problems will require many providers trained in the recognition, diagnosis and treatment working together as a multidisciplinary team. The Foundation will also offer training for educators and parents.

Promoting Research

An annual research agenda is created to identify specific target areas needed for the continual development of medical evidence that demonstrates the impact and severity of airway health and encourage medical, educational and other institutions to undertake research. The Foundation program “Healthy Airways for All” works to develop multidisciplinary facilities to provide treatment to those who may be unable to otherwise find the means for airway treatment support. The Foundation advocates early intervention including prevention through education.